About Me

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Hello!  My name is Molly Babcock and I am a fifth-grade teacher in New York.  I am a proud graduate of Bucknell University and Vanderbilt University.  I studied Elementary Education, Spanish and English Language Learners.  Teaching is not my job.  It’s my passion.

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My Sister & I, My Parents, My Niece Madeline, My Boyfriend & I

I love to read, travel and golf.  If my body did not need sleep I would stay up all night, every night, and soak in the world through books.  Each year my boyfriend and I pick a new place to explore and we travel there over the summer.  Most recently we’ve visited Toronto, Las Vegas, Denver, Austin and Ireland.  I only started golfing a few years ago but I’ve found that the golf course is the only place where my mind shuts off and I truly feel like the outside world does not exist.  My family is extremely close-knit despite our geographic distance from one another.  Can’t get much farther apart than New York, San Diego and Orlando!  We moved a lot when I was young and I think this really brought us together.

There are so many books, people and experiences that have impacted and continue to impact my teaching.  My hope is to share these influences with you and to give you a peek into my classroom.  I would love to hear your comments, ideas and feedback and encourage you to share and use any of the ideas if you like them.  You can find me on Twitter @MollyBabcock.  Enjoy!


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