Cherish It

Cherish It

If ever you need proof that creating engaging experiences is worth it, just listen to your kids.  Today my class started the day with the daily discussion question, “What have you loved most about fifth grade?”  The kids answer the question, give evidence for their answers and then conclude with a, “So what?” inference which addresses the bigger picture.

One student stood proudly on her chair as she expressed how much she loved the, “special types of lessons we do.”  She gave two examples of hard concepts that she felt she learned because of the game and the song, respectively, that went along with each lesson.  Then came her, “So what?” inference.

“So, if you get the chance to have special lessons, cherish it!

In one sentence, goosebumps covered my arms and every late night of planning, every trip to the dollar store, every summer brainstorming session with my Teach like a Pirate hook chart and every alien look I ever received was instantly worth it.

We, as educators, have the chance to positively impact the lives of children.  We have been given the opportunity to create experiences our students will never forget.  Cherish it!


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